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TCMN Taxi Centrale Midden Nederland was founded in 2005 by Mr. S.S. EL FAR. Mr. Samy EL FAR is of Egyptian origin and has extensive experience in business. He got the idea to start this taxicompany after he tried to take a taxi from the center of Utrecht. He tried to agree a fixed price with the taxi drivers, but there was no driver who wanted to drive for a fixed price from Utrecht to IJsselstein. This has put him thinking about this issue. He came with the idea to start a taxicompany that runs at fixed prices.
He wanted to give clarity to the customers before they actually took a taxi. His attitude was 'You only buy something when you know what it will cost'.

The central is started under the name YTC IJsselsteins Taxi Centrale. The company started in 2005 in IJsselstein an build up a good name for the cheapest taxi service.
Our service was not only provides in IJsselstein but in the whole region of Utrecht.
After the great success Mr. EL FAR decided to change the name, to TCMN Taxi Centrale Midden Nederland, because our service refers to the center of the country and not just in IJsselstein.
In 2013, Dhr.SS EL FAR decided to change the legal form of the company's business from a sole proprietorship to a private limited company. The company has grown significantly and remains a healthy and growing company.